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A world-famous Australian brand, renowned for quality, durability and an unmistakably Australian style.

We are proud to be the official UK importer of Akubra hats, meaning that we stock the largest and most diverse range of Akubra hats in the UK and Ireland.

Akubra hats are tough, resilient, lightweight, waterproof, and look fabulous. Their hats are hand-crafted in Australia over the course of six weeks, using traditional, old-school processes which have changed little in 140 years.

Akubra was introduced to the world by the iconic Crocodile Dundee, and today has sold over 25 million hats worldwide. From the Australian Military hat to the ‘I’m a Celebrity’ hats, Akubra has done it all. Each hat has a unique style and quality, worn by all walks of life the world over.

Most popular is the Cattleman Hat – a much loved hat and the epitome of Australian style. Styles are mostly unisex, and there is one to suit everyone. We can offer expert advice on fitting.

The Marshall family, who own and run Elm Of Burford, spent time living in Australia before opening Elm Of Burford. Down Under, they familiarised themselves with the quality and craftsmanship of the iconic Australian brand that is Akubra. Akubra Hats are an essential part of Australian country life due to the bright sunshine and high levels of UV. Over here in the UK, they are ideal on a summer day and have the added feature that they keep the rain off as well. Shop our range below and discover why we love Akubra.


Features a printed cow skin embossed leather band, genuine shark tooth, eyelet vents and satin lining.


Features a pinch crown and broad dipping brim with eyelet vents.


Attach the chinstrap to any Akubra Hat with a leather inner sweat band.

Blue Grass Green
Santone Fawn

Features a Kangaroo Tail Band with authentic Australian Opal, eyelet vents and satin lining.

Regency Fawn

Features a bonded leather band with feather insert and satin lining.


A wide brim hat. Features a quality six plait leather band and triangular-shaped eyelet ventilation.

Santone Fawn

Features a plaited bonded leather band - a true favourite.

Carbon Grey

Features a 30mm ribbon band and bow and satin lining.

Brown Olive
Sorrel Tan

Features a pinch crown and broad dipping brim with a laced band and eyelet vents.


A wide brim hat. Features an embossed bonded leather band and eyelet vents.