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Styx Mill Oilskin Wax Clothing is purpose designed outerwear, developed and manufactured in New Zealand.

Made from 100% waxed cotton; a high-performance, durable material originally worn by sailors. Simultaneously strong, waterproof and breathable, today it is engineered by Styx Mill to thrive in even the most demanding conditions.

Explore our selection of Styx Mill’s best outdoors vests in a variety of styles. The regular length vests suit most outdoors activities, while the tail and sleeve options offer added protection when working in wet weather. Strong enough to withstand a hard-working lifestyle, this clothing is durable and practical, yet also beautifully designed.

Established in 1991 as a family business, today Styx Mill supplies quality outerwear to three continents. Styx Mill develops their products constantly, taking inspiration from their customer base to ensure that their designs fit their purpose. Their clothing is popular with farmers, landscapers, and lovers of the outdoors alike, recently gaining fast popularity in the UK.

Manufactured in New Zealand using tried and tested methods and fabrics, these durable products are built to last. What’s more, they’re easy to care for at home – care for your jackets and vests with oilskin wax dressing, used to easily retouch and repair. Explore our range for men and women below.


Ultra-soft fleece lined sleeveless oilskin vest with tail.

Navy Check Lined
Red Check Lined

Brown Province wool lined Vest With Tail


A sleeveless vest with tail that gives extra protection from the elements, lined with white wool.

Out of stock

Styx Mill's own brand of oilskin reproofing wax dressing.