Our online payment platform uses a Opayo (formerly Sagepay) Gateway and uses both Worldpay and PayPal methods of payment. We accept VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard and MAESTRO (MasterCard Debit) via either Worldpay or PayPal and with PayPal can accepts funds from your PayPal account too. In all online payments none of the card details are forwarded on to us. We are not able to add charges after the transactions has been completed, So if additions are to be made, like adding another item or upgrading postage, please telephone as soon as possibe after placing the order to arrange this.

The Worldpay Payment in the Opayo Gateway requires the Biling address corresponds to the card being used. It does this by making sure the House Number (if one exists) and Post Code correspond to where the card is registered. If there seems to be a difficuty in processing the payment, there being a n issue with the Biling Address can often be the cause. Make sure the Post Code is correct and in some cases if the Biling Address has both a House Name and House Number, excluding the House Name from the Biling Address may allow the payment to go through. All of these systems are processed before we even receive your order and we have no imput or say in how they are processed.

I we process a refund from an online purchace we can only refund via the method of purchace. As we did not receive the payment details in the first place we could not even if asked to, refund via another method. Rather we would instruct either Opayo or PayPal to refund either fully or partially depeding on the circumstances.


All personal data collected in the transaction are not shared with any third party, with the exception of the courier or postal service. Obviously we need to give them Name and Address but in the case of courier we need to provide Phone and Email so they can inform of delivery times. For International Customers the Email address and Mobile Phone number are both compulsory for customs purposes. All our couriers do not share this information or pass it on and work within the rules of Data Protection under the terms of the Information Commissioner’s Office.

All our personal data is held securely behind a business standard firewall on secure platforms. We never receive card details for online purchases as stated above and would never store such. We do collect data on what people order and when but that is only for internal use.